diboFLEX Bauelemente GmbH
diboFLEX Bauelemente GmbH
Advantages of diboFLEX T-Series

diboFLEX has been developped by users – namely by building sealers. This is the greatest advantage of a universally applicaple pipe penetration with an integrated bituminous flange.

  • • Pipe penetration for universal use for both sewage as well as for medium pipes
  • • A pipe penetration as an one-piece pipe sleeve with anintegrated bituminous flange
  • • Standardization: one solution for floor plate, basement exterior wall & roof
  • • Flexibility, parts-reduction, simplification of the assembly & construction process
  • • Cost saving complete solution
  • • Spacer made of Polystyrol (EPS) for the creation of room connection pipes after concreting
  • • Integration of almost any sealing insert (e.g. for cables) is possible
  • Pressure checked (1 bar)
  • Radon gas tested
  • • Applicable as vapor barrier on roofs
  • • Diameters/Lengths: DN 100 (Length 250mm) and DN 150 (Length 150/300mm)

Please see the computer animation from diboFLEX