diboFLEX Bauelemente GmbH
diboFLEX Bauelemente GmbH

We are diboFLEX

diboFLEX was founded by three Austian shareholders in 2020.
Core product is ist patented pipe penetration called diboFLEX T100 and T150.
The pipe penetration from diboFLEX is made of plastics. Thanks to its construction, the pipe penetration from diboFLEX offers a continuous connection between the bitumen membrane and the pipe penetration.
diboFLEX sees itself as a strong partner of both construction companies as well as building materials wholesale. The target market from diboFLEX are Austria and ist neighbouring countries.
The headquaters of diboFLEX is based in Neufelden which is spart of in the regional state of Upper Austria. Neufelden is situated northwest from Linz. The distance to Linz is 35 kms approx. The production of the injection moulding parts is situated in the border region of Bavaria. The final assembly (deployment of he bituminous flange) is made possible in Upper Austria
By the way, the meaning fort the companies‘ name diboFLEX derrives from the German abbreviation „DIchte BOdenplatte FLEXibles System“ – which means tigtht floorplate and felxibles Syste.